Saving to network storage results in Error create SELECT By LBA query? Any fix?

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I am migrating from local storage to a NAS, and I have the drive mounted in windows. Whenever I save images to the NAS, I get this error in PC3K, I tried googling it but couldn't find a solution. Is there any way to make Data Extractor play nicely with NAS storage? This is Windows 10 with a NFS mount, though I notice the same happens on SMB.

This error only happens when making maps or trying to expand the file tree. The imaging itself works fine, and I can even mount the drive into other tools like r-studio without issue. Here's the error I get:

TNTFSObject.Init - Error: Error create SELECT By LBA query! Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service


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NAS is file-level storage. PC-3000 requires block-level storage. The only way it'll play nice with a network device is probably to use it as an iSCSI target and allow for block-level access.

I don't know if your NAS supports creating iSCSI targets. The more expensive ones usually do.

This is why I use all DAS storage with an SFF-8088 cable right from my RAID card to the external drive rack.


Aah ok that explains the difficulty. Bummer, I can't use this current NAS for it then, but it will still be useful for backups. It's interesting that most of the data extractor functionality is fine. For example, I can create a task, image a drive, etc but maps and file explorer are the only place it doesn't work. I can even copy that image folder back to regular storage and then boom mapping works again.