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Hello everybody.

I joined this forum precisely because I have a big problem and a related question.
I have a 1TB HDD and to make matters worse, it presented errors, and it seems to me that it "died".
It doesn't even appear in Windows Explorer.
The only way to try to recover my data, I guess, is through Easeus Recovery Technician (it's the only one that recognizes the problematic HDD).
But it takes horrors!
A little more than two days passed and it was only 7%!!!
Gee, like that, how many years until 100%?
My question is: if I format the HDD, and then try to recover the data, will I be able to do it faster this way?
I did it on a flash drive once, and it was pretty quick.
But it stands to reason that, both technology and size greatly influenced the speed at which the data was obtained.
However, this tactic stuck in my head and I imagine myself trying this tactic on this HDD.
I would like to rely on the experience of colleagues and see if the idea is good or bad.
My Windows is 10, the HDD is the second on my laptop, the main one is perfect.
I greatly appreciate any advice that helps me resolve this issue.


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This HDD have a model number?
Easeus Recovery Technician
only one that recognizes the problematic HDD
I highly doubt that, but if it's true it's a bigger problem than you are going to solve with software.
if I format the HDD
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Under no circumstance is it ever the right decision to format a drive with lost data. Not only will this not help, it runs a very large risk that the data could be forever gone after this.


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Hi, @Jared, thanks for your attention!

This HDD have a model number?
If the HDD model has a number? Correct me if I'm wrong, but every manufactured product has a model number. So this one has it too. The problem is that I only get to it if I open my laptop. And I won't do it, sorry.

Garbage? Seriously? Well, I downloaded two other software before using EaseUS, and none of them even recognized my damaged HDD. Only the "garbage" has achieved such a feat. Maybe you could tell me some really good software (preferably free)?

NO. Under no circumstance is it ever the right decision to format a drive with lost data
It's not like I have any other alternatives. Either I format and try a faster method, or I will spend years trying to get my data back. I won't pay to get them back, I'm not a company, I don't see the point in that.

Anyway, I appreciate your time in trying to help me. Thanks.