Re-formatted SSD drive

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Hi all, I recently re-formatted a 500GB SSD (msata 2 drive). I deleted 2 old NTFS partitions and created a new NTFS partition on the drive using diskmgmt.msc in windows 10. No data has been written to the drive since then.

Unfortunately, I made an error when copying my files off the drive before format and there is a folder I missed, which I would like to recover.

I have used free Recuva v1.53 to scan the drive and it has recovered the following files/folders:

$Extend <<folder>>
$RECYCLE.BIN <<folder>>
System Volume Information <<folder>>

Is there anything here that might be useful for recovery of the data?


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Thanks. That's what I suspected really, having read up about TRIM already. Just thought I'd ask here before throwing the towel in and getting on with my life... minus about three years worth of photoshop and illustrator files... thankfully it was all work for web so at least I can pull the final jpegs from online sources.

Ironically, I was busy organizing my files for a new storage setup which includes a backup drive, guess I should have backed up first before moving things around!

I'm guessing out of three possibile causes of data loss: 1.hardware failure, 2.viruses and 3.user error... 3. is by far the most common!!