Question Acidentally tried to install SteamOS on my PC..

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After an accidental refresh it literally lost all my text that I wrote... but i'll try to write it short this time... So recently I tried to install SteamOS as dual-boot with Windows 7 Ultimate but I accidentally did chose the first option that it didn't even asked for any permission nor any confirmation upon installing so it literally formatted the whole HDD and created 3 other logical partitions (SWAP, RECOVERY, ROOT) on like 10 GB each and the primary one for the storing larger datas (HOME) 469~ GB, after the formatting it started to install it's own files but in first seconds upon installing I completely turned off the whole PC to prevent any further over-writing on the old datas. I used an Windows 7 USB Bootable to check the partitions and it did created the same as stated before 3 logical partitions like 10GB each and 469~ GB for storing big files. I bought another HDD in the same size as the old one which is 500 GB but it is an Laptop HDD one that has the same capacity to install everything necessary starting from OS and necessary programs to recover my important datas. I mostly had them stored on Download and Desktop folders which are like 20 or 25 GB not sure that are important ones from the other that were from Games and After Effects and such programs. So I really need to recover those lost important datas... Thanks, and would appreciate a lot if I could recover them.

Old HDD model: ST500DM002 - 500 GB
New Laptop HDD model: ST500LT012 - 500 GB

P.s: This is the current state of the old HDD that I want to recover lost files: