QNAP NAS data recovery after ransomeware deletions

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I have a TS451 Qnap NAS attached to my Win10x65 LAN.

I have been hacked by Ransomeware and they have encrypted my photos, video etc with 7z.
I will not pay their demand to get the pwd to un-encrypt.

After the encryption, they deleted the files and it is these files I wish to recover.

I have used PuTTY and PhotoRec and recovered 955,000 however they are not in any folder structure or have any filenames, just numbers. The files are file except for that.

I have taken the only drive out of the NAS and attached it to the PC using a USN adapter.

The drive does not have a Storage Pool, it is just a straight drive I had in it.

I have also tried with EuseUS however once again most of the files are numbered although some have the names.

Is it possible to get the filenames back with some other program ? Why would the names disappear and be replaced with numbers anyway?

Any help please?



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You need a data recovery program that knows how to work with a Linux file system. Try using UFS Explorer or Recovery Explorer to scan it. Those programs actually support the file system.

However, just know that files which have been encrypted by the ransomware are unlikely to be recoverable by any means.