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I Wanted To Bring To Your Notice That i See Many User Here That Do Not Have PC 3000 Tools But Other Brand Tools And They Are Posting And You Folks Are Replying ,this is Not Justified I Strongly Object To a Open Acelab Forum Since This All started .Might Be you Can Take a Poll of Your Existing Userbase And Ask Them Once More Cos Its Was a Decision You Folks Took Without Asking Any Users .

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.




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Well, that's up to Ace laboratory if they want to lock down their forum to only Ace users. Personally, I think their tools speak for themselves and people using other tools will figure out that they need to buy a real tool after they keep hitting the wall. I think Ace gains more than they lose from those interactions. There's been plenty of times on Ace/hddguru/here/other forums that I've had to tell guys that something isn't possible with their sub-par tool. Many later did buy PC-3000.

I don't see the benefit to shutting out the newbs who haven't made it to pro level yet. We all had to start somewhere. I personally started with Salvation Data (haha, I know what a joke that is now) and soon graduated to real tools. The information that's been shared on this and other forums in recent years has seriously bolstered success rates, meaning we are all making more money if we keep the cases coming in.
This is a spam user ,He copied my entire post and pasted here ,His idea is to take you to the second link he has posted in his post check it .This guy slipped from your hands jared finish him :mrgreen:


Funny, I caught that he copied your post, which made absolutely no sense to me. But, I too missed the 2nd link.


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what I can't understand
why cant @Jared prevent from new subscribers to post A link until reached - lets say - 5 (or so) posts
like every other forum does


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The first several posts must be moderated and approved. However, once in a while people get smart enough to realize they can edit a post after it has already been approved. That's what this clown did.

Ban hammer time :D


Perhaps edit-own-posts permissions of those in the new users group can be restricted, but I'm not sure you can do that if you also want to moderate and approve posts by new users.