New RAID 50 Tool to Separate The Two RAID 5 Sets.


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So I've just finished developing a tool that allows to input a hex value from the same location on each disk of a RAID 50 set, and it'll figure out the two RAID 5 sets by analyzing the XOR. It can work for any size, no matter how many drives. Here's a screenshot:

Shown with 80 input boxes, but that can be adjusted using the More/Less Drives buttons. No limit to how many you can add, it just might get slow to iterate the calculations if you have a huge array. For 10-16 drive hex values, which I tested on, the results are near instantaneous, but the larger the array is, it'll get exponentially slower to brute-force find the xor sets. So be prepared for some serious wait times if it's a monster.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy or paying me to run it a single time with a set of values, just let me know. ;)
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