New Products WD SMR Data Decryption Board

Don't Lose Your Data Forever!

DIY data recovery has risks. You could lose your data forever! Don't want to risk it? Talk to a professional now.


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For many WD 8000xxx series drives, after we get unlock PCB to access and repair the firmware problem, we encounter the data encryption problem. The common method is that we have to do manual wiring and remove capacitor. But the USB interface might be damaged during the soldering process and cause data recovery failed.

Data Decryption Board was created to make things easier, no soldering, no manual wiring. Also these boards can help us get data transfer faster and more stable through SATA interface.

Here are 2 videos about how to use it:


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I love it, and I want a set. If I wasn't semi-retired I'd have ordered them already.

Do you have a link showing where they can be purchased?


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These are interesting. The last one that I did ACE had me remove the capacitors and the clock. Anyone know why you have to remove the clock chip now when it wasn't necessary before?