Momentus Thin ST500LT012

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I have a theory about this, but not one I'll likely ever be able to prove. Here's my theory:

We all know that the heads/sliders glide on a cushion of air generated by the spinning motion of the platters. Given the extremely smooth surface of the platters and now even extra structures to keep airflow steady they glide at a pretty stable height. But, what would happen if something becomes a bit distorted, such as an imbalanced platter, a warped slider arm, or even a foreign object such as a large dust particle gets lodged under the slider or it's arm? I imagine that it'll often begin to vibrate violently and repeatedly hit/drag across the platter surface. In the process causing more damage, thus more distortion of the air flow and even further vibration. Might only take a few seconds to destroy the platter surface entirely at 7200 RPM. I imagine that this also explains why certain models (specifically Seagate) seem to succeed at killing heads over and over again.

Just a guess really, but the best theory I've got.


someone needs to setup high speed cameras inside hard disks so we can all get a visual. I assume this would not be as simple as it sounds!


HaQue":3o7v4blb said:
I assume this would not be as simple as it sounds!
Especially as the HSA is free-floating unless the lid is in place. I wonder if that has something to do with all the damage, i.e., HSA misalignment/sloppiness?


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I have this same drive with the same CfwDiscCode Not Loaded: 0002B4E0 overlay error.
I have changed the heads several times and am starting to believe the motor is killing them. On occassion the drive motor will sputter on and off instead of spinning up right away. I believe this sputtering is the cause of head failure.

Eventually after several attemps and/or power cycles it will spin up poperly but by then it's too late and the heads seem to be dead.
Anyone else come across this error since the original post?


Motor killing the heads it's not very common. Heads are not attached to the motor. Maybe if the motor is damaging the PCB, wich will also damage heads, but thats seems very unlikely