Kilo says hi

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Hello everyone!

I'm Kilo_SSK, aged 39, from Russia, and I'm originally a website designer and game modder. However, after losing a computer due to dumb issues and losing significant amounts of money to recuperate my data, I decided I should look into how to do it myself. And the first google search I did about that led me here!
So, hello once again, I'm a complete newbie in data recovery, but I'm willing to learn, and I'm at least not entirely technically illiterate.
See you on the forums!


Hello Kilo_SSK, and welcome to Jared's forum. I want to congratulate you on your command of English. Excellent!


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Welcome! Nice to have you here. Ì too started my journey into this business after my own data loss nightmares.

Have fun reading like crazy to learn as much as you can. Feel free to ask questions.


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Thank you for your welcoming messages! Regarding the level of English, I'm flattered! It's indispensable with my profession though, you can't really find clients or resources outside of Russian communities otherwise...