I sell ca.10.000 pcs. of hard drives 1986 till 2022


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I want to sell my whole inventory of donor drives,SSDs... (approx. 10.000pcs.but maybe more
) plus other equipment for data recovery.
The drives are from 1986 till 2022 in working conditions...from 5MB to 8TB.
I sell test equipment and tools for repairing disk drives and flash drives and clean room benches too.
If somebody is interested PM me.
If somebody is interested in opening a datarecovery lab I would make Seminars with her/him personally and learn her/him from my great experience in this field.
Let`s dicuss it by PM and later by Whatsapp.
Kind regards


Don't buy nothing from this guy. He doesn't comply with his commitments!

Purchased a tool from him, made the transfer and more than one month have passed and still nothing.
Just a SCAMMER! That's all!