I can no longer use my R-Studio standalone license

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Thanks Luke…You’re right about the price.

Right also about ReclaiMe. I no longer remembered that a long time ago they had put the Pro version in trial and I remember that I downloaded it and tried it.

But I didn't like it because I found the analysis of the parameters to be very long and wasteful of resources.

For UFS recently I bought UFS RAID Recovery which had features that I liked, like supports bad sector maps created with ACE Lab SW. I think that later I’ll take the Pro version as I had earlier, but Commercial (that is that one you indicated), considering that they had given me a discount.

Yes DMDE it is not very intuitive but I found that it was very efficient in finding the parameters of a Qnap RAID 5 where the dealer had removed the disks from the case and put them in another case, obviously not respecting the disks order and screwing up the file system.

It was also efficient in a case of RAID 10 of an HP server where all the other SWs and even a remote acquisition had not yielded positive outcomes. In this case the dealer had performed the usual exchange of disks with the addition of a CHKDSK. I was able to deliver at least one Lotus database.

About WinHex now the specialist license is valid only one month unless you take non perpetual with BYOD or the Lab Edition.

Since I don't use it mainly for data recovery (besides for some cases of RAW recovery, RAID, or hexadecimal analysis) I renewed the Specialist license for a month.

In fact it is not very convenient compared to the LAB with dongle.

Another SW that I found valid in the parameter search is Klennet RAID Viewer whose developer (Alexey) is the same of ZAR Data Recovery.