How to triple boot win7, xp and linux on ssd?

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are there any step-by-step tutorials on how to do this or can someone make one for everyone to use :)
(win 7 should be the default startup os...)


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I'm sure there are, but this isn't the forum for that. This is a data recovery forum. Try Tom's Hardware or TechNibble for that sort of thing.


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The best way to do that is to create three partitions on the SSD, one for XP, one for Win 7, and one for Linux. Install the two versions of Windows first, then Linux. When Linux installs, GRUB will detect the Windows partitions and put them into the boot menu at startup, and you can choose which of the three operating systems you want to boot into.

You don’t want to install Windows after Linux, because it takes over the bootloader and you will lose access to Linux without having to resort to using an “Ultimate Bootdisk” on a USB drive or something like that. If you install Linux last, then GRUB will hand over the boot process to the Windows bootloader anytime you choose that OS.

Or, you can do what I did, and just install Windows and Linux on separate SSDs. I choose which one I want using the boot menu in the computer’s BIOS.


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well, i should probably initialize the disk as Mbr first, not Gpt? (it's 512gb)
and then maybe create the partitions via the installation wizards only, because windows 7 will add it's own 2 boot partitions or smth and then they will be in good order also?
but the main issue is probably that linux will put itself as a first boot os, so i would have to choose windows 7 manually every time? and is there even any way to make windows 7 as the default boot os then...


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now the main issue probably is that where should i install the grub during linux installation /sda or /sda1?
and is the linux swap partition supposed to be before all of the other linux partitions or after them...


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well... it's not actually that hard at all lol... just have to create an extended+logical partitions for linux and then select only "/dev/sda" Grub option at the end, because it is the only option that will make things work properly...
(and also have to choose "Partition->Swapon" from the Gparted menu to make the swap partition permanent/locked; plus all of the partitions should only be made via every CD/DVD install itself, because then everything actually goes into the right places without any hassle at all... only extra windows data partition can be made after win7 install(before linux install))


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That seems like a complicated way to do things. Get a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine, install VMware Workstation or Hyper-V and install Windows 7 and Linux as guests. If you really need XP, get VMware Workstation. I have Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT4 workstation, older Windows, Kali and Ubuntu all here as guests on my host Windows 10 machine. I can share files real time between guests and host.
Triple boot is complicated and in a good machine, all ports work. My ports all work fine. I do not have 15 or 20 minutes to save, close, exit, change systems, open documents every time I want something different. By all means follow your own instincts, but i like my life smooth