How to Recover Data From Unallocated partition?

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Yesterday I deleted my boot drive clone from an external hard drive. The hard drive also had a partiution on it that I was using for storage. i went ahead and after deleting the clone i extended the storage partition so my whole external drive was being used for storage. Well i woke up this morning to discover that Macrium had rewritten the boot drive clone back to my external HDD and then made the rest of the drive unallocated space. I had about 5TB of data on that external HDD and now i have no idea how to recover that data. Does anyone know of a program that can recover data from unallocated partition space. I already tried Stellar Data Recovery and UFS Explorer Pro and neither of them detected the unallocated space.


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How much of the drive was overwritten by the image file? Did you scan the whole drive? Were there any RAW results found at least? Any encryption being used on the drive?