How to recover an encrypted drive?

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so i had some weird Pc fail and i'm still not sure what is wrong with it (only shows a black screen even without ram etc...), but is the harddrive somehow encrypted now if it had a Hdd password on every boot before?

and how can i get the data back then... atm it just says in windows disk manager that i should rebuild it as "MBR" or smth when i plug it in... (it doesnt even give any drive letter for it)


How do you know if it's encrypted? Did you used any software to do it?
Probably you have corrupt partition/MFT.

If the drive is in good health you can try to run some recovery software like UFS or Rstudio and try to find your files.


the laptop had some Hdd Bios password option, so i'm guessing that it also encrypted it, but is there some software tool available to enter that password again and see the Hdd content?
or maybe i just need another laptop with same specs to open it again?


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We would need more information to speculate. It could be just an ATA lock, in which case a tool like PC-3000 can unlock it. Or it could be encrypted with any number of third party encryption setups. There's just no way for us to know what you've got without knowing what you've got.


it was probably the default Lenovo hdd password or smth that you set in bios(not a bios password tho), so is that recoverable somehow