Hitachi power off during imaging

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This hitachi power off suddenly every few seconds or minutes during imaging,some times when meets bad sectors some times when I power on and go the last point I can read the sector fine.
It happens approximately in 10% of the drive area,I tried so far:
Replaced pcb
Replaced heads
Clean platters
Uncheck all power off in DE
Tried to change other settings in DE
Nothing helps,I can not change the reading method because this hitachi have the sector access problem and can read only by utility with loading PSHT RDMT.
Any idea how I can image these areas ?



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Have you checked your power connections? Perhaps it's just a loose connection in one of the Molex connectors. I've had that problem before and it drove me crazy.

Also, perhaps try reading at a lower read timeout (such as 150ms) so it doesn't try so hard reading the damaged areas. PIO mode also tends to be more stable in such cases, so you might want to try that.


Jared,in pc3000 when using hitachi virtual translator (load PSHT and RDMT with utility) to image the drive,can you choose the pio mode with it ?
In MRT if you work with hitachi utility so all DE setting won't take effect,I can't use pio mode,error setting, and timeout setting also.
In my case I have the hitachi sector access interruption problem I can't read lba after 10000000 unless with virtual translator , is there another way to repair the sector access interruption problem so I would not have to use virtual translator then I can use pio mode and also reduce timeout ?


I found how to do it in MRT ,unlike toshiba that you can choose it directly from DE setting when select mrt utility then popup window to choose pio or udma mode,in hitachi do not choose from here but do it in the main hitachi software, then select pio mode in DE setting and it will work together with virtual translator.


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Yep, not that dissimilar to what needs to be done in PC-3000 (with the exception that PC-3000 allows for UDMA too).