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DIY data recovery has risks. You could lose your data forever! Don't want to risk it? Talk to a professional now.


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I'm running a small IT repair and consulting business in central europe.

Data recovery is neither my speciality nor what I do on a daily basis but I'm still regularly confronted with it by my customers.

I have some basic experience in logical /software data recovery (disk imaging on Linux, some tools for RAW recovery and some for recovering lost filesystems etc., correcting the "slow bug", ...).
I have no experience (or equipment) for severe hardware issues (like defective heads or something) and I don't plan to expand in this field. But I think that there is maybe more that I can learn and do in the software field.

Right now I can "solve" around 70 - 80% of the data recovery cases that are brought to me and I offer to redirect the other 20 - 30% to a specialised data recovery company. However since those data recovery companies are operating with prices starting from 900$ and more, often the customers can't or won't afford it.
So I'm hoping to get a bit more information and experience so that I might be able to raise my success rate another 5 or 10% and generate more happy customers.



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