Hello to everyone!


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May I introduce myself.
I am 36 years in the field of repairing and recovering disk drives.
I work in Austria and in Switzerland.
Work since the beginning with PC3k. The first piece I imported directly from Russia with a Russian manual.
Software had descriptions partly in Cyrillic.:ROFLMAO:
Had to learn Russian for this? It costs in former times not more than USD 1000,-. I ordered then 9 pcs more.
It was a very cool time because we had much business and not so many guys like now tried to recover data.
I had courses directly in Rostov at Don and the bosses were my friends.Thanks to the Dinner times with Wodka.
And there was no f......g Google with their advertisments and f.......g appraisal system with fake customers.
So guys came which had no idea about this business and did Google ads and we had to fight since now to get our business like before.
And things with PC3k changed too.
The bosses changed and the prices changed to amounts were I bought before ten pieces.
So I have only two pieces of PC3k now. 4 pcs of MRT and 2 clean rooms.
1 Flash Extractor and Rusolut device which is developed from the former bosses from AceLab.
This forum is in my opinion the best with the most information for guys who are really professionals and less newbies or guys who want to "learn" everything from getting pro knowledge for free. Jared I like that very much! Many thanks for your great work and strenght in keeping the forum alive.?
kind regards


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Welcome to the forum Freddy, nice to have someone with your level of experience join in!