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I have a 6TB HGST HDN72060ALE614 for data recovery. I have imaged with DDI about 80% of the drive with the original heads. The last 20% did not want to read regardless of settings with DDI/PC3K. I opened a ticket with AceLabs, but they didn't work with it as they haven't figured out the utility for it.

Did a headswap successfully figuring that would solve the issue. I now get an error saying HPA is set and it will abort any form of reading on DDI & PC3K (Drive will ID correctly and will not click/beep until imaging then it will beep on failed attempts to read only). I have used 2 sets of heads matching the Model#. MLC, FW, PN# and getting the DOM as close as possible to the original. Both sets of heads and the original now give this error. I assume its either incompatible heads, or I have somehow messed up the swap.

My department of repair is new at this company and AceLabs couldn't quite help. Looking for advice on what to try next here.