G'day from Brisbane, Australia

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DIY data recovery has risks. You could lose your data forever! Don't want to risk it? Talk to a professional now.


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Hi folks:

I am en electronics Engineer from Brisbane. Australia. I have done some minor data recovery in the past, mostly retrieving old data on tape that was archived for some projects at work.

I also have used ddrescue in the past to recover some failing disks, but am now intrigued by the whole recovery from a completely dead hard drive business. I have a couple of seagate 4TB drives out of external enclosures that have suddenly died; they won't even be recognised by either windows or linux OS, so I'm interested in ways to recover the data. The data isn't too important, but it would be an interesting exercise for me as an amateur.

I guess I'll lurk for a while and see what I can find out.



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First off, welcome to the forum. :D

How do those 4Tb drives sound when powered on? Also what models are they? There's an off chance they can be recovered just using a cheap TTL adapter through terminal.