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SEO is getting hard day by day. I had an idea to start a blogsite and enable Adsense. But, when I search, I found it's very hard to rank a site. Will SEO alive for longer like this?


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It will never hurt if you start something new. For example, I am still a beginner because I also saw it as a prevalent topic in recent months, and I decided not to be left behind and act. In my opinion, it will remain popular as long as there are experts who will keep it high. For example, I have friends who have been involved in this field, and they contacted https://sproutboxmedia.com/portland-seo-marketing-agency and were shocked at how well they worked with them and how professional they feel. In this company. So it all depends on who presents this sphere.
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I don't know if this is a planned spam dump spot, but at least it's on topic so I'll allow it for now.