F.L.A.M.E. Data Recovery - Maybe it Really Does Exist?

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So after noticing someone trying to sell one of these on hddguru I decided to search YouTube to see if there was any video evidence that the tool really does exist. And, I managed to find this:

Looks like it does little more than read/write modules and provide Seagate terminal (all of which I can do in Linux for pretty much free), but perhaps it does exist after all.

I don't know who'd be stupid enough to drop 18000EUR on a tool so poorly documented, but perhaps it does exist.


These guys are Italian.
A few years back they gave me a quote, etc, but I didn't saw nothing new in the next years....
I thought they had closed down...


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I notice there is no start menu tray. So I don't think they are running in Windows. It probably is just a Linux tool. Perhaps they just built a GUI for hddsupertool. :lol:


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Wait, no...I think it is running in Windows. At least based on this screenshot:

F.L.A.M.E. Window.jpg

I think I see an icon there for one of Runtime Software's Programs.


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it is windows based

you can see on the top left corner the icon "This PC"
third below you can see "Total commander", Total commander works only under Windows OS