External hard disk turned RAW after sleeping.

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My laptop hard disk was removed so I used an external 3.5 inch 3TB disk plugged into the laptops esata port as a temporary disk. The disk was multi partitioned approximately as follows:
1. windows recovery
2. system thing 100MB
3. windows 7 NTFS
4. Linux mint ext4
5. another NTFS shared files
6. another NTFS with files

I think at least one of the NTFS files partiton was a virtual one that was under the ext4 extended partition.

When I finally got a new SSD for my laptop, I installed fresh windows and linux on that but kept the external 3.5 disk plugged in so I could access my files from the files partitions and by navigating to the user folder , docum,ents, etc on the old windows partition. So I was no longer booting at all from the external disk, just using it for saving stuff.


I regularly put the laptop to sleep instead of shutting down as I am too lazy to boot it up every day. After I put it too sleep, I turned off power on the external disk, When I woke up the laptop from sleeping, I forgot to power on the external disk before waking. I then powered the disk up after the laptop was already awake again. The disk can no longer be read by windows and just says I need to format it. Chkdsk will not run and complains the disk is RAW.

If I boot the laptop in Linux, the external disk mounts OK and I can access my files. I used ddrescue as in your tutorial to clone the disk onto an identical 3TB disk. I can now work on the cloned copy without harming the original disk.

How can I fix it so windows can read the disk again?

If I cannot repair the disk tables corruptions then I can copy the files manually onto a formatted 3TB disk but it will take many hours and be disorganized.

I thought to try AOMEI partiotion assistant but it cannot fix MBR if there exists an EXt4 on the same disk.

Please help me/ tell me which softwares can fix my disk. (I prefer free softwares if possible).

Thanks for a great forum.