DVR/CCTV data recovery program

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Dolphin released DVR/CCTV/NVR/HVR data recovery program recently.

Here is a free trial version: ...

if users have any suggestion or need program update, pls let us know. Our R&D can get it done in 1 or 2 days.

What are the features and advantages of Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version?
1. Support 57 Video Surveillance Systems Brands;
2. Support E01, DD Raw, IMG and other types of image files;
3. Recover deleted videos, formatted videos and lost videos due to video surveillance devices;
4. Faster software upgrade to add new Surveillance Systems for video recovery;
5. Higher success rate of recovering and restructuring fragmented video files;
6. Detailed report on the case;
7. Easy channel and dates file directory display and recovery;
8. Smart and new technology to recognize the video and audio frame;
9. Easy video search by dates and time to find the videos to recover;
10. Easy anti-interruption design during video recovery process.