now listing variants for WD model names + Other improvements

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In our last news from February, we explained that when looking for Western Digital donor drives on our website, you can search by:
- partial model name (e.g. WD5000AAKS) ( = The part of the model name before the dash. )
- simplified model name (e.g. WD5000AAKS-A7B)
- or exact model name (e.g. WD5000AAKS-00A7B0).

So far, entering the simplified model name was the easiest way to be sure reaching the right model.

Entering the partial ("before the dash") model name, led to (only) one of the possible variants.
For instance, leads to the WD5000AAKS-°°Z1A°° drives.

Until now, other variants for which we also have donor drives (like -°°A7B°, -°°V0A°, -°°TMA°, -°°D2B°, -°°V1A°, -°°YGA° in our example) remained undiscovered, unless using the lists of models by brand, the navigation tree on the homepage, or trying using simplified or exact model names.

From now, you can be lazier, and simply enter the partial model name right after the site root, or in the search bar, e.g. WD5000AAKS.
All variants for which we have published donors will be listed at the bottom of the page.


By the way, we observe that if one or more of the model variants also belongs to the same family (Tahoe PL in our example), it will also be listed (and linked) in the "Other <family> models" at the top of the page.

We also implemented other navigation improvements.
For example, on a product page, several donors are available for a given model, you can directly jump to the comparison gallery of clickable thumbnails by clicking the new "Compare donors" button.
Example page:
(Navigation tip: The gallery is paginated when there are many drives.)

From the gallery, you can either click a thumbnail to access a specific donor, or the "Back to top" button to jump back the top of the page.

(Navigation tip: As alternative to the gallery, you can also still use the comparison table that you reach by clicking the model name, at the end of the breadcrumbs.)

The website has been enriched with many new models, mostly SATA, but also quite a lot of old IDE drives.

Improvements are listed here, with screenshots :