now allows finding hard drives in same family + Other improvements.

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Hi there!

We have the pleasure to announce several significative improvements to our donor hard drive website /

1st improvement

We have rewamped our database, so that you can now search Western Digital hard drives by exact model name.
Let's take an example.
WD5000AAKS exists in (at least) four different models:
- as WD Se16: WD5000AAKS-°°A7B°, WD5000AAKS-°°TMA°
- as WD Caviar Blue: WD5000AAKS-°°V0A° and WD5000AAKS-°°Z1A°.

Assuming you're searching a "WD5000AAKS-00A7B0".
In the search field, or right after the website root, you can either:
  • enter the exact model name : "WD5000AAKS-00A7B0"
  • enter the simplified model name with only the relevant characters : "WD5000AAKS-A7B".
    For the part of the model name located after the dash, the relevant characters are all ones excepted the 1st, 2nd and last characters.
    The significant characters are a 3 to 4 characters string, starting from the third character after the dash.
Entering the partial model name (e.g. "WD5000AAKS") is still the easiest way to search, and still works.
But, if there are several possible models are available, it will redirect to only one of them, usually to the one having the most available donor candidates.

In our example, "" will lead to "", which is another model than the one expected. You can always enter the exact model name or the simplified model name if the partial model name didn't lead you to the model you expected.

This improvement is now available for all Western Digital hard drives.
We are working on similar improvement for Seagate, which should be available in the near future.


2nd improvement

This is probably one of the improvements you will appreciate the most ...

If the family of a hard drive model is known, both the pages that list available donors for a given model, and the product pages now show the family and list and links all other available models from the same family.

This feature is already available for most Western Digital hard drives, and some Seagate hard drives.
( For Hitachi hard drives, the families considered are like "Deskstar", "Ultrastar", ... so that currently, this feature is less relevant. )


3rd improvement

The list of models has been made much more comfortable to browse.
The tabs easily allow switching from one HDD brand to another.
The following initals are used : W (Western Digital), Se (Seagate), T (Toshiba), H (Hitachi & IBM), Sa (Samsung), F (Fujitsu), M (Maxtor), "..." (other HDD brands).


4th improvement

On the model pages, product availability is now displayed.
This allows us to enrich our catalog while being transparent with our customers about the availability in our own stock.


5th improvement

Several graphic improvements to the pages of unique donor drives.
The new design is more pleasing to the eye, and for Western Digital drives, allows displaying head stack swap informations in a more compact way, with the main informations and the drive configuration matrix displayed at the same level.


And lastly, more hard drives.
We currently have 869 unique donors published in 406 categories (i.e. 406 different models).
We recently listed many WD Green 2TB 15mm SATA (WD20NPVX-E4T) and WD Blue 2TB 15mm SATA (WD20NPVZ-WFZT).

Thank you for reading.
Hope you like the improvements.


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New improvements (February 11, 2022)

Enhanced multi-currency payment widget on product pages
  • Prefered currency and shipping regions are remembered site-wide and from one visit to the next
  • When clicking a currency, the shipping zone is now selected accordingly. You can of course still change the region manually.
  • At the first visit, the currency selected by default is now USD, but you can still display prices and pay in other currencies (EUR, GBP, CAD, RUB, CHF, PLN).
Pages speed improvements
For most users, pages should now be significantly faster to load, especially if you are located far away or have low bandwidth.
Further page speed improvements to come in the future.