Dead SKHynix NVME SSD Need Recovery

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Dead SKHynix NVME SSD Need Recovery

So i got this NVME SSD that died on me recently
I've searched through PC3000 Support and found out that SK controllers haven't been supported yet

I think the only way to recover it is to swap NAND or whatever components that broke on it

I wanted to know if it is possible to do that???

Its the SK Hynix PC401 NVMe 512Gb
Main controller edged info:
88SS1093 BTB2 113N700 05JW 1812 B1P (Marvell)
2nd controller edged info: SK Hynix H9CCNNN8JTBL AHNUD 843A
NAND chip edged info: SK Hynix H27Q2T800A3R BDG 841Y

Lots of Thanks!


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