DDI 4 Glitches Out on Resume

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Please excuse what might be a noob question here, I'm still new to DDI 4. It seems to work fine if I start imaging from the beginning, pause it, resume it, etc. But, if I attempt to image by Bitmap and it turns out there isn't one available to image from, when I go to resume the card just makes a strange noise and it stops, sometimes even powers off and back on the source drive. And, it seems the only way to go back is to restart the imaging manually. Has anyone else seen this, or know how to prevent it from happening?


When you select to image by bitmap, it goes through the multiple passes to do so. It is likely defaulted to the last state, which is secondary pass, in reverse...at the front of the drive, which is pretty much done.

I almost always use the second option in the image start process where I make sure that it is starting at the sector and pass setting I want.