Custom signature - size of file taken from the header ?

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is it possible to make a custom file signature for RAW search in any DR software (R-studio, UFS Etc.)
wher the size of file is taken from the file header ?

structure of the file:

2 first bytes of the file is the number of sectors the file contains (little-endian)
next 4 bytes fixed header

anyway to add this type of signature anyware ?



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I have been told that it can be done using intelliRAW from UFS/R-explorer
some1 knows where can I donwload intelliRAW ?


Jol, I don't see a separate program for IntelliRAW in Recovery-Explorer's Programs folder, although I see that UFS Explorer has a link to an IntelliRAW rules editor ("C:\Program Files\UFS Explorer\ufsxsci-ruled.exe") in the Start menu. I see in this SYSDEV InteliRAW help page that it says to download it. I can't find a link within the program or on their site to do that. My version of the editor is from 2006 and I have no idea whether it is compatible with R-Explorer, which is version 7.16. Have you contacted SYSDEV about it?


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thanks @LarrySabo
LarrySabo":35vk1nnz said:
[post]15689[/post] Have you contacted SYSDEV about it?
yes n I've been told that version 5 of UFS comes with IntelliRAW