Cross Compatible WD Families

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So I'm starting this sticky to keep track of families which can be used as cross-compatible heads donors if matched correctly.

Here's what I've confirmed so far:
Dolphin & Mercury
Mariner & Marn5 4K
Tahoe 2D & Vulcan RE
Sabre 53 and Sabre 58
Jamaica & Jamaica 4K
Tornado 2D and Tornado 2PMR

Confirmed by Luke:
Shrek and Shrek LT

Confirmed by Amarbir:
Firebird and FBLite

Confirmed by AJ2008 (on Ace forum)
Diablo 3D & Diablo 3S

Confirmed by Blizzard:
Hubble & Hubble LT
Tornado & Pinclite
Helios & Shasta-3D
Venus & McKinley

Confirmed by FreekinGeeks:
Tahoe LT & Tahoe PL

Confirmed by Boerge
Aries & Lynx

Confirmed by abedalkareem
Espirt & Europa

Confirmed by CheadleDataRecovery
Dragon & Draco
Vivaldi & KOJN_RE

Please add any you know below, and I'll update the list.

List last updated: 7/1/2022
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Has anyone ever tested if Tahoe 2D and Vulcan RE are cross-compatible for heads? They look exactly the same, built during the same time frame, and have the same aerial density as each other.
Hi Everyone ,
I Have a Case Of Shrek 2TB But No Donor ,But i Have Ample Donors For Shrek LT .Anyone Crossed This Two Families .The MCU And Motor Controller Is Different And Hence i Think Not Compatible


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Well, Shrek uses aerial density of 1437 and Shrek LT uses 1480 so that is different. Not very far off, so I suppose it's possible that it could still work. I've never tried it personally.


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Anyone know if Diablo 3D & Diablo 3S are cross compatible? Seems there's a lot more 3S drives available than 3D...


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Amarbir[CDR-Labs said:
":18csn806]Jared ,
Let Me Try This And REport Back

Did you ever figure out if Shrek and Shrek LT were cross compatible?