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Jared":36alsamp said:
I've actually used ddrescue on occasion for CD recovery. It's not half bad at imaging around the bad tracks. I've found it to be much faster at working directly on the CD than even ISOBuster.

Then, after I get as clean of an image as possible I open the image file up in ISOBuster. That's gotten me pretty good results.

Also, try multiple different CD-ROM drives. You'll get different results with different drives. So some blocks that can't read in one drive might read in another. Using DDrescue it's easy enough to switch readers and keep retrying to image to the same file.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it.


+1 for DDrescue, I've used it on a number of damaged optical disks with good results. Remember that using different readers and/or reading speeds may be helpful. If the drive returns a "bad sector" to ddrescue, ddrescue (or any other tool without specialized reader hardware) can't make the reader return any different value, but changing readers & speeds may do just that.