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I found an old backup file and have done a bunch of research but going in circles so hoping I might be able to get a little help.

The backup is in a folder named BMR > USER-PC > image and there are two files - image.bmr and image.bmr$D

I'm assuming that these are Bare Metal Recovery files but I'm uncertain on how to recover this. I've tried creating a VMWare and doing the BMR through Windows Vista and Windows Server (the backup was created in 2009) but I'm not having much success. I can't tell if this is due to an incorrect network recovery directory (the files are on a hard drive, I've tried sharing via network, but not having much success).

Does anyone have any insight on a definitive process that might help recovery these files either to a VMWare, or know of any software that might help me extract the data from them? I've tried carving them using photorec/testdisk, but no luck - I'm assuming that since it's BMR, they are packed.

Appreciate any help anyone might be able to provide!


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I'm not very familiar with this BMR file type. I would try out a demo of UFSExplorer Professional recovery and see if it can open the backup images. Just browse to one of them in the software, right-click, and select "open as image". If it's any sort of standardized disk image, USF should be able to browse it.

If that doesn't work, maybe try posting a screenshot of the first sector of the file as seen in a hex editor such as WinHEX.