Apple Seagate 500GB

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For the first time I got "Apple" Seagate hdd model:

PN: 9SL142-042
FW: AP24
SN: 6VMxxxxx

When I start the drive, it is in BSY state no clicking, but it seams as motor spindle siezure. Also I dont get any terminal output!
My question is are the terminal locked on these drives? Can I use PCB head swap from same drives or must be same Apple model?


Staff member
The terminal works the same as any other Seagate. I don't think that model is terminal locked, but some newer ones are (whether or not they are apple firmware is really irrelevant).

Heads are the same. I rarely ever use Apple-branded drives for donors. All OEM drives have a custom firmware to meet the laptop makers specs. Apple is nothing special, they just add the word "Apple" into the drive ID.