Any data recovery tool for both pc and Mac please?

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Hello all, I am new here. I am a struggling pc/Mac repair tech. I am trying to specialize in data recovery as most of my calls are for data recovery but using software recovery options is not working all that well. Most of my attempts fail with myself just spending time and effort trying the software methods so I am looking into a hardware option which I might be able to afford.

I am seeing this MRT option but that is only for windows: ... SwRvdZZIiq

Can anyone tell me please if there is an affordable hardware tool which is effective for both windows and Mac? Thanks guys.


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It's only for Windows in the sense that your workstation must be running Windows (the case for 100% of data recovery hardware systems). I'm pretty sure MRT works for mac file systems as well, but in all liklihood you'll be using other sofware after you have a good clone since MRT's logical analysis isn't very good.


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Thanks. I just found this here which seems to be abetter option?

Sorry, my mistake, I had mixed this up with another item I thought I had seen on Ebay. This one is way out of my league price wise.


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These are some of the best Data recovery tools:-
1. Cleverfiles Disk Drill Data Recovery.
2. EaseUS.
3. Stellar Data Recovery.
4. Kernel Data Recovery.
5. DoYourData.

Hope this helps you.