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Support Problems

Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:55 pm

I really like this software but the lack of support is just not very good. That's ok if you are using the free version but if the Pro version isn't supported then it will kill the product just as it's getting good.

Here's the post I've just put on

"There has been no reply from the developer on this or other forums in the last week. I think that is what will hamper the marketing of this excellent software. All it really needs is a YouTube channel and prompt responses to questions, at least for people who are using the paid version. It's no using building a better mouse trap and expecting people to come hammering on your door.
You've done the hard work developing this product, it's now time to spend a bit of time selling it.
I've paid for the 60 day licence and think it's a great bit of kit but I won't pay for a permanent licence if there is no support for it".

Come on, you can't let all your hard work be for nothing...

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