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    Damaged heads, contamination on all surfaces inside drive. Media damage rings H1. Cleaned all platter surfaces, swapped to new base, bent H1 back on donor head stack. I thought that by disabling H1 in NV-RAM drive would come ready and ID normally but this doesn't seem to be as...
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    and I thought MY laminar bench needed tidying...

    @ :40
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    log file... show number of bad sectors

    In data extractor, in the report generated when saving files, along with the list of files with bad/unreadable sectors, is there a way to show the number of bad/unreadable sectors in each file? I like how the DDI reports this information when saving files; I would think the PC3K would have...
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    Eliminate files with bad sectors from recovery

    In Data Extractor I have a folder/file list from a recovery with media damage, so some files have bad sectors (quite a few actually). I would like to prevent these files from being included in the final recovery. I've been able to create a map of the files with bad sectors however I haven't...
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    Rosewood ST2000LM007 0 capacity

    *Also posted on ACE Labs forum IDs correctly but with 0 capacity. Can backup all resources EXCEPT: DTs DT 0000 (Flash ROM), Read Adaptive Parameters File (RAP).............. : Error Error : Error requesting command state "RD CP part" (ABR) DT 0000 (RAM), Read Adaptive Parameters File...
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    Mirrored RAID recovery

    Client was hosting a Windows 10 Virtual Machine on XenServer, using a Jetstor SAN for the storage, the Jetstor uses fiber channel to connect to the host server, which is where all the VM’s reside; the Jetstor is a 16 bay unit, with 8 Mirrored 2TB arrays. Attached is a pic of the original RAID...
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    ST2000DL001 Bogart--Can't modify head map

    I've got a case with some media damage on the top platter and need to bend the head back and disable it. Before bending the head back the drive did initialize and ID but after bending and changing ROM physical head map to 00 01 02 03 04 04 the drive just clicks once and spins down. I've also...
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    Rosewood disable heads?

    It appears the PC3k has not implemented disabling heads in ROM for this family. Is this correct or is there a way to do it that I'm missing?
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    5475A9 ARM 2.5"

    Hoping for a new idea on this one... Drive clicks, clacks, knocks for about 15 sec then becomes ready but ABRT when try to ID (drive stays spinning). Heads map: 0, 1, 2, top head missing from HSA. -Swapped heads with 2 donors with no change in symptoms -Donor IDs with heads from patient -No...
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    Anybody work on this type of damage?

    4GB Dane-Elec flash drive if that makes a difference. To me it looks like the break is too far into the circuitry to be recoverable but thought I'd ask.
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    Imation 16GB flash drive recovery

    I believe I need to pass this on to someone. After some work on the circuitry, the hardware is recognized but the storage is not. The Deepspar identifies the model, etc but shows 0 capacity. I've determined that the controller chip is likely the culprit. Typically I'd try a different...
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    ST500LT012 Momentus Thin

    Spins up, knocks twice, spins down, stays ready. EDIT 9/22: Distinct "rattle" during the 2 knocks Model and S/N detected properly, capacity is shown as 3.86GB (size of flash memory chip on PCB I assume), but firmware ver is shown as yyyyyyyy (with 2 dots over each y). Heads are good (has...
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    1TB WD1001FALS no data access

    This 1TB WD had a visibly blown-up motor control chip. With hot swap, drive stayed busy but stayed spinning. ROM is embedded in microcontroller chip. Replaced blown motor control chip and extracted ROM info. Programmed to donor PCB. Drive powered on and stayed busy. Figured preamp took...
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    MK3254GSY 2.5" Recovery

    Toshiba 2.5" 4-head 2-platter from a laptop that was punched by an angry old man. Top platter surface has visible media damage, no contamination on pillow, only top slider had a little contamination which I was able to clean off. Same symptoms before & after slider cleaning: Drive makes a...
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    ST9750420AS Momentus 0LBA plus more

    I have a ST9750420AS 2.5" 2 platter that had contamination on all heads and metal flakes on all platters and all over the inside of the drive. I removed the platters and discovered that H2 (3rd platter surface up) has excessive media damage and top platter was barely beginning to develop media...
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    New member in Colorado

    Hi All, First, I've got to give props to Jared--grrreat message board! I've trolled around on it for a few days and like the "atomosphere". I was especially surprised by a post where someone asked what a donor drive is, obviously not taking 30 seconds to Google it or search the board, and...