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    WD Encryption - Forgot Password

    Okay, I was afraid that would be the answer haha. Thank you anyway, Jared! :)
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    WD Encryption - Forgot Password

    Hi, I'm trying to recover data from a client's 2TB Western Digital Passport (MDL: WD20NPVT-00Z2TT0). The drive is in perfect condition physically, and I'm able to image it completely with PC-3000 software. But the data is encrypted, beyond just native WD encryption, which PC-3000 can decrypt...
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    Best practice for PC-3000 Data Extractor recovering Time Machine backups

    Thank you Larry that script looks perfect!
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    Best practice for PC-3000 Data Extractor recovering Time Machine backups

    So because of the way Time Machine creates hard-linked filesystems, extracting the entire backups.backupdb folder will take many more times the amount of space than it actually should since data extractor treats each backup as it's own seperate file tree and you end up with many, many...
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    Saving to network storage results in Error create SELECT By LBA query? Any fix?

    Aah ok that explains the difficulty. Bummer, I can't use this current NAS for it then, but it will still be useful for backups. It's interesting that most of the data extractor functionality is fine. For example, I can create a task, image a drive, etc but maps and file explorer are the only...
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    Saving to network storage results in Error create SELECT By LBA query? Any fix?

    I am migrating from local storage to a NAS, and I have the drive mounted in windows. Whenever I save images to the NAS, I get this error in PC3K, I tried googling it but couldn't find a solution. Is there any way to make Data Extractor play nicely with NAS storage? This is Windows 10 with a NFS...
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    Suggestions for cleanroom tools

    Awesome thank y'all for the suggestions :)
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    Suggestions for cleanroom tools

    We are looking to get better versions of some of our cleanroom tools. In particular, we have been pretty underwhelmed with our sets of tweezers. Does anybody have any they use that they particularly like? What about needle-nose pliers?
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    Peculiar problem with WD 3.5 service area issues, $50 bounty!

    I have a peculiar problem with a WD drive, I will gladly pay somebody a $50 USD bounty via paypal (or equivalent crypto if available on coinbase) if they have the correct solution. Drive model: WD5000AAKS-75V0A0 Symptoms: Clicking on startup, no ID, stuck in BSY Heads: 2 (0 and 1) What I have...
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    WDC WD40EZRX-00SPEB0 (GIANT) full SA access, no UA access?

    I have a WD40EZRX-00SPEB0 drive which is presenting with puzzling symptoms. It IDs correctly and all UA sectors give ABR error. Attempting to start utility results in PC3K thinking that the drive is ATA locked and SED locked. After disabling SA access in ROM, I was able to check modules (all...
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    Issue with Seagate ST1000DM003 (1TB)

    Hey y'all, I've got a Seagate 3.5" drive that's stuck in busy. Using PC-3000 software, I was able to apply a Tech Mode Unlock, but I get an error message in the terminal: LED:00000047 FAddr:FFFFFFFE. Tried disabling File 93 via terminal and shorting the read channel. This allows momentary...
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    How to test heads on HITACHI-IBM-ARM utility?

    On the PC-3000 in the WD utility there is a "heads test" function under the service area menu and/or one can read/write the log modules. Is there a safe module to do this on in the HITACHI-IBM-ARM utility? What is the best way to verify heads can read and write successfully before making SA...
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    Dumb question about Toshiba 2.5" PCB Boards

    What kind of screws are these? I use an iFixIt toolkit for nearly all my work, and none of the heads seem to work well with these screws. They seem like PH0s but they are shallower and strip so easily. What do y'all use for this?
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    Question for people buying donors + boards on ebay

    As I assume many of us do, I re-sell donor drives and parts (once being wiped completely!) on eBay as a secondary revenue stream. I also often buy donors this way. For those of you who buy donors there as well, how does a listing donating part of their profits to charity affect your buying...
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    Clients who want HFS+ formatting for delivered data?

    How do you deal with this request? It seems almost all recovery tools are for Windows or Linux, this is how our shop is run at least. Do you use paragon hfs+? Do you have a seperate Mac just for this purpose? Curious as to how y'all handle it. My perspective is that it is our job to recover the...
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    Best way to export to single file image in data extractor?

    It seems data extractor has a number of ways to export an image to a single-file raw image like ones created by dd, but I don't find any of them particularly reliable. Sometimes this is needed when another data recovery tool is needed for the logical portion of the recovery. Whenever the system...
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    WD Passport all sectors in H0 timeout but H0 working?

    I've got a puzzling case. It's a 1TB WD Passport drive, I swapped SATA board & ROM and am able to read with all heads except one (H0) in data extractor/sector edit. All reading modes fail with this head. But when I am in utility and do Service Area -> Head test, H0 appears to be working just...
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    WD drive. Sectors read fine in sector edit but not data extractor?

    I have a WD10EZEX-60WN4A0 on the bench with some annoying imaging issues. In PC-3000 Marvell utility I can read all sectors flawlessly using "sector edit" but in Data Extractor there are many red sectors even after upping timeout. Even sectors which timeout in data extractor work fine in sector...
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    WD MyCloud REST API database file extraction script

    Problem: MyCloud devices don't use a simple, flat filesystem like other external drives, they store files with random-seeming names and directory structures. If your MyCloud is not functioning, you will need to read the SQLite database on the device to determine the original file structure...