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    Spyglass slow responding solution?

    Hello, Is there any solution available for spyglass slow responding issue. this issue first reported on hddguru in 2017. wondering if anyone has managed to slove it successfully. I am able to read max 60kb/s. Regards
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    Data cant be decrypted in DE Task

    Hi, I have WD Hubble 500GB WDC WD5000LMVW-11VEDS3 drive. All essential modules are ok. But 33 plist on head0 is bad in zeros. 1. Can I reduce its size in dir editor? 2. Sectors are not accessible without using utility. I can decrypt and access sectors in utility by using "use utility" option...
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    Firmware Request

    Hi Everyone, Looking for WD10SPZX-24T10T1 firmware. ROM F/W Version 00050066. I have used unlocked SATA Pcb but getting error “VSC ERR INV FUNC CODE REQ”.
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    Samsung HN-M101MBB slider stuck on insde platter

    Thank you all for all your reply and suggestions. Removed platters with the help of stickers, used the plastic stick to remove the slider and that's it. Drive now imaging. :D
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    Samsung HN-M101MBB slider stuck on insde platter

    I have 1TB Samsung HNM101MBB drive for data recovery. bottom 2 heads 0-1 are with out slider. After looking closely inside the platter those sliders are stuck to platters. I tried to shake the drive to remove sliders but it could not come out. Is there any way to get those out so that I can...
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    PC3OOO UDMA unusual behavior

    Hello, I am facing issues with my pc3kudma board sata0 port. Some times the drive don't get power, some times drives keep restarting and WD drives when connected doesn't get ID and capacity but works fine in sata1 port. I have no electronics background to diagnose the issue, but can use...
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    Is Toshiba MK4026GAX suitable head donor for MK8032GAX?

    Hi All, I got very old approx 2005 Toshiba IDE drive MK8032GAX for recovery. Exact match donor is not available. I have got only donor available which is MK4026GAX, Is this suitable mach for MK8032GAX?
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    Hitachi HTS547550A9E384 Stays BSY

    Hi Everyone, Need help in this case. Hitachi HTS547550A9E384 Stays BSY all the time. I have replaced PCB but still the same. How to make this drive go to ready state for any firmware manipulation or accessing the SA. Do I have to Short read channel? Any Solution ? Best Regards, Murtaza