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    WD family Pinclite WD320AAJS ROM copy failed

    Try with WDMarvel demo Before you run the tool, you need to switch windows into test mode, you can do that by using "TestModeOn" batch file included in the tool. Reboot windows and you'll see on the bottom right the "test mode" script above the windows watch, that...
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    WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0 - ROM & LDR

    60042 on guru is corrupted, 60038 and 6003J don't exist on guru database. Never mind, a friend (thank you lcoughey) already shared those with me :)
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    WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0 - ROM & LDR

    Hello, i need ROM and LDR for WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0 drive with following micro codes: 60042 60038 6003J Thanks.
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    Toshiba MQ04UBD200 compatible Heads compare

    Hello everyone, i need to swap heads on a MQ04UBD200 patient drive. I've a MQ04UBD200 donor drive, i need to know if in your opinion heads are compatible with the patient. Donor drive is 37 months older than patient. Donor Cyl num: 361612 Donor SPT: 3632 Patient Cyl num: 355807 Patient SPT: 3840
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    Toshiba Head Swap Experiences

    Thank you :) I will search for a MQ04 donor.
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    Toshiba Head Swap Experiences

    Hi everyone, i have a MQ04UBD200 AZA AB01/JT000U drive (4 heads, 2 platters). I've already cloned on head 1,2,3. Head 0 was very weak and it died before finishing to clone (remaining about 263.000.000 LBAs not cloned yet). At the moment i don't have a 2TB MQ donor drive for head swap but i've a...
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    Helios WD10TMVW-11ZSMS0 sabotage

    Hi, it was manufactured in 01 SEP 2010 DCM code: HBMTJBBB This is mod 47
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    Helios WD10TMVW-11ZSMS0 sabotage

    Hi and Merry Xmas to everyone. I've helios WD10TMVW-11ZSMS0 which can read well surfaces on all 6 heads but in large zones they can't read well (black squares and slow reading) on heads 2-3-4-5. I already did the slow issue fix and edited ID to stop reallocation and other stuff but it behavies...
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    SA SPT (aerial density) of WD Families

    I'm working with an helios drive which has SPT value of 1100
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    Moose head swap - ST3500820AS vs ST3500320AS

    Hi, i've this patient drive with faulty heads: Model: ST3500820AS S/N: 9QMxxxxx P/N: 9BX134-511 Date Code: 08336 (which means 2008-02-20) Site code: KRATSG Preamp: 6D 03 Donor Model: ST3500320AS S/N: 9QMxxxxx P/N: 9BX154-305 Date Code: 09291 (which means 2009-01-13) Site code: KRATSG Preamp...
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    MRT bug - Not able to read ROM and SA from Pinnacle Pata

    I've found another MRT bug in WD utility, this time related to Pinnacle Pata family. Utility is not able to read ROM and SA.
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    MRT bug for Momentus 5400.3 (Venus) - Overlay and ID failure

    Hello, i've found a bug relative to Seagate Momentus 5400.3 (Venus family). Utility is not able to read ATA overlays and reads ID incorrectly. Watch the video on youtube also: P.S. This drive is perfect, i can read all user data on surface. I...
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    HTS547575A9E384 IBM-ARM Corrupt NV-RAM

    I uploaded a pic on my previous post after you replied, so i post it again 256 Kb size rom should be the same of first half 512 Kb rom, but it isn't. Something is wrong in ROM!
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    HTS547575A9E384 IBM-ARM Corrupt NV-RAM

    As i know, PC3000 has a bug that does only 50% ROM backup from Hitachi ARM drives, also MRT has this same bug. I don't know if acelab corrected this bug in last update, maybe yes and this would give a sense on why now you get full rom dump if you recently updated it. I compared both NVRAM...
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    I've found this, but microcode is 00050054
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    Toshiba USB to SATA Guide

    Have you read carefully my post? posting.php?mode=edit&f=29&p=8871 Have you seen carefully my pics? If you know the basics of electronics, you should know that you can choose where to solder the Vcc wire (pin 8 or pin 7 or pin 3). I choosed to solder wire on pin 3 (there is a reason why i've...
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    Toshiba USB to SATA Guide

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to write rom on donor sata pcb via serial mode, but i'll explain you how to write it without taking off chip from donor pcb by using eprom programmer. This task is hard, you'll need good soldering skills with classic soldering iron, steady hand, good magnifying...
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    Toshiba USB to SATA Guide

    I've played a little in last days with these toshiba pcb :) I was able to read rom from native usb pcb in serial mode with MRT utility, it takes long time (1 hour) but it's the best way for those people who don't feel safe using hot air to pull out rom chip from board or if they don't have a hot...
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    Repair PDF files after data recovery

    I have OfficeRecovery 2013 Ultimate 13.0.40450 to fix many type of files. Have you ever tried it, Jared?
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    Anyone Read This E-Book?

    At the moment it cost $169