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  1. Joep

    Future of SEO

    I stopped putting effort into it. Google sucks and what works today might very well not work tomorrow, it's a totally unreliable **** show. I simply blog about what I like or find useful, put up videos I like doing etc., Google can go to hell. If you do data recovery related searches all you...
  2. Joep

    Gsmartcontrol - HGST HUH728080ALE600 - HGST Ultrastar He8 - interpret these results?

    No but not particularly helpful in finding what's wrong with the drive. It basically tells a read was attempted and failed.
  3. Joep

    Any hopes of saving my 380 JPEGs?

    If you re-upload I can check
  4. Joep

    Bitcoin wallet.dat Data Recovery

    Yeah agreed. How are things Jared?
  5. Joep

    How to recover file with file name

    Are you some kind of AI chat bot?
  6. Joep

    What's wrong with this hard drive?

    We figured that already.
  7. Joep

    Bitcoin wallet.dat Data Recovery

    Did you ever get anywhere with this? Do you have any idea if I can define multiple signatures? Is this what OR is for? Would this work?
  8. Joep

    JPEG File Repair From Missing Sectors

    Quick check if data is in there, file size is give-away it may actually contain data: