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    WD not starting

    Sounds like it could be a PCB problem. Try ordering a new pcb via the board number on the pcb. Once arrived, transfer over rom chip to the donor board and try with it
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    pinout diagram required

    If you have a sub via PC3K Flash they have a database of monolith devices
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    HDN72060ALE614 For those who don't have the information about this model/family and want to know slightly more about it. Seems like I made an error in my haste of trying to get back the data to my client.
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    Hi, I have a 6TB HGST HDN72060ALE614 for data recovery. I have imaged with DDI about 80% of the drive with the original heads. The last 20% did not want to read regardless of settings with DDI/PC3K. I opened a ticket with AceLabs, but they didn't work with it as they haven't figured out the...
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    Advice needed on a snapped Micro SD card.

    Most likely not going to be recoverable, but a professional would need to take a look at it. They'll determine which part of the chip is broken whether controller side of board or memory side (each chip is different). Most cases (from my experience someone might say otherwise) any of these sd...
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    Seagate Preamp Pulled From ROM (Requests)

    Thank you! I was able to figure out the method for finding the preamp from the rom by comparing similar drives. I am grateful that you confirmed the preamp though!
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    Seagate Preamp Pulled From ROM (Requests)

    Hello, I need the Pre-amp for this drive if someone has the time I'd appreciate it!