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    WD5000LPCX HubLT2 damaged platter 01

    Drive clicks can't id. Is it possible to recover data from good platter 0 ? Is it possible hot swap on those drives ? Is it possible to disable head 01 in rom without make drive click after power on ?
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    Hot swap in wd usb encrypted

    Is this can be done ? I'm trying to read modules by hot swap in model wd20nmvw (shrek),after put sata pcb I can read modules from current disk fine but if doing hot swap to another (even good drive) same model and fw I can't read modules (and both drives have same dir location) .
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    toshiba dealing with damaged heads and surface

    Are toshiba options are very limit in these cases compared to other brands ? We can't disable heads (for data recovery purpose) can't boot from other head and can't do hot swap,is it true ? Are there other advanced options can be applied to compensate these disabilities ?
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    samsung zone table problem

    Hi Is there way to fix this wrong samsung m7e 640gb zone table ? It's end in sector 158,144,883 while drive available capacity is 1250,263,728 and the sectors for each zone not true (I can access other sectors if bypass scratches on platter). The 9D PARAM_DM module( that store the zone table...
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    Unable to recover deleted files from android tablet

    Hi This is lenovo tab2 android 5.1 no software can recover deleted camera videos from this device ,so I did a little test I deleted videos on purpose then compare the android logical image before and after what I saw is after simple deleted the android zeroed almost all data in the file just...
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    Hitachi power off during imaging

    Hi This hitachi power off suddenly every few seconds or minutes during imaging,some times when meets bad sectors some times when I power on and go the last point I can read the sector fine. It happens approximately in 10% of the drive area,I tried so far: Replaced pcb Replaced heads Clean...
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    wd adaptives for hot swap

    Hi I failed to do smart hot swap on wd Zephyr with same model and firmware (but last number of rom version was different) is't could be becouse I skipped the microjogs averaged step or the different of last number of rom version ? I didn't find in mrt something like microjogs edit function the...
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    When heads meet scratches

    Hi I wonder what exactly bothers the heads to go over platters scratches is it the preamp ? mechanical limitations ? and it's true if we disable specific head then it can go over severe scratches and survive like this guy claims ? Thanks
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    samsung sata drive heads on samsung usb

    Hi Has anyone had experience in install samsung sata drive heads on his relative samsung usb drive, is there a chance it will matches ? Thanks