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    I sell ca.10.000 pcs. of hard drives 1986 till 2022

    I want to sell my whole inventory of donor drives,SSDs... (approx. 10.000pcs.but maybe more ) plus other equipment for data recovery. The drives are from 1986 till 2022 in working conditions...from 5MB to 8TB. I sell test equipment and tools for repairing disk drives and flash drives and clean...
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    Hello to everyone!

    May I introduce myself. I am 36 years in the field of repairing and recovering disk drives. I work in Austria and in Switzerland. Work since the beginning with PC3k. The first piece I imported directly from Russia with a Russian manual. Software had descriptions partly in Cyrillic.:ROFLMAO: Had...
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    Jpeg Files recovered from RAW Modus in ReclaimMe but not the right creation date

    @LarrySabo Thank you very much Larry helped a lot. Looks better than before my customer is a little bit more happy than before.I think you know customers?
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    Jpeg Files recovered from RAW Modus in ReclaimMe but not the right creation date

    @Fraser Corrance Yes because pics are intact with out any pixel faults or other faults but because of Raw Mode I have no creation dates only recovery date like created on the 30th of April. I'll try UFS Explorer and R-Studio too. @LarrySabo Thank you for your advice. I´ll give it a try.
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    Jpeg Files recovered from RAW Modus in ReclaimMe but not the right creation date

    Hi to all, I got an XFS RAID which was from very bad drives and now the data structure is very corrupt. I managed to recover the pictures with ReclaimMe RAW Modus but I am not able to have the pics reconstructed with their right creation date. For me it doesn´t matter but my customer wants it...
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    WD USB to SATA Conversion Compatible PCB Guide

    I solved two cases ... one in 2021 and now confirmed it with second one today WD5000LMVW-11VEDS0 from 21.Sept 2013 USB was 2060-771949 => SATA was 2060-771931 worked flawless after head change:)
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    Seagate ST500DM002 Original board missing

    Hi to all, :wave: I got a special case. One of my computer dealers brought a not working drive from Seagate ST500DM002,SNo.:Z3T3A... , P/N: 1BD142-500, Firmware:KC45, Date: 7.8.2012(13055), Site Code:TK He changed the electronic board and throwed the Original board away ...this he told me :oops...
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    SSD addon for DDI

    Hi,to all! does someone have the addon for SSD PCI-e and how does it work? Are you satisfied with it and does it help to really fix some faults like they describe it at their homepage. We get here more and more of these SSDs and there is no solution from PC-3000 so far :roll: Any help in this...