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    Custom signature - size of file taken from the header ?

    Hi is it possible to make a custom file signature for RAW search in any DR software (R-studio, UFS Etc.) wher the size of file is taken from the file header ? structure of the file: 2 first bytes of the file is the number of sectors the file contains (little-endian) next 4 bytes fixed header...
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    DRT-SCSITOOLS ? did someoone here have/bought this tool ? if so can say somthing about that ? is it good (or not) ? is it worth (or not) ?
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    Sseagate Terminal commands under MAC

    does anyone know if there is a different between using terminal commands under WIN OS than MAC ? like CTRL + L for example TIA
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    OMG! Seagate is planning to build this!!!

    your calculation is based on 8 platters and 16 heads this one has 8 platters but only 14 heads are in use :lol: :lol: :lol: so, its only 93% :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :lol:
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    Toshiba USB to SATA Guide

    usually it goes like this I dont think it will be otherwise but never tested EDIT: after checking the link you have provided, I see its done there like shown in the pic. I've attached.
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    Missing Day On The Forum

    you are full secrets :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    HDDSuperClone vs ddrescue

    I have made some tests lately, and checked the results of HDDSuperClone vs ddrescue against: SAS, SATA, USB HDDs, micro SD and flash drives, some of them in good working condition some of them problematic Conclusion: HDDSuperClone's speed of cloning is slower then ddrescue, but the good part...
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    heart murmurs, family doctor's advice

    Hi, Really of topic, but can use advice from the members here For heart murmurs, the family doctor's advice was to take a pill called (IIRC) something like Isosorbide dinitrate, and it will pass. it seems a bit odd to me to advice anything without seeing an ECG or with no being a cardiologist...
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    New unstick tools 200$ set 21 metal parts

    First of all, the seller wrote its gonna be 10 for sale But, there was only 2 Second...
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    I like this guy :) :lol:
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    Data Recovery by RANDOM

    Does it make a difference ? ;) Spam GET OUT :)
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    Excel in HEX edidor

    Hi, Can someone explain how is n excel file encoded ? 1. the attached xls file has been created with excel 2007 and saved as Excel 97-2003 Workbook 2. the format cells has not been changed and left has default (general) I filled some cells with random data. Here is the part I don't understand...
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    indd (InDesign) end file signature

    Hi, 1. Anyone knows the end file signature for indd (InDesign) file ? 2. A tool/software who can repair indd files ? TIA
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    ACE's blog is locked

    In July 2015 ace decided to open their forum to everyone, but lately decided to lock all recent articles on their blog. The first locked article was "Seagate F3. Unlocking Self-Encrypting Drive.", and I thought maybe this one they want it locked because it's unique and the first commercial tool...
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    petya trojan

    petya the two in one trojan
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    Nice checklist for Seagate F3

    Nice checklist from ACE for Seagate F3 ... klist.html (continue trying to wet a little bit the dry desert here)
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    WD Marvell: quicker and easier way to rebuild ROM from SA (PC3K)

    Just noticed, that in the new ver. of PC3K (6.x) is a lot easier and quicker to rebuild the ROM from SA for WD Marvell then the older ver. (5.x) see here for ver. 5.x read here
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    New software versions for PC-3000

    New software versions PC-3000 Ver. 6.0.14, Data Extractor Ver. 5.3.1 and PC-3000 SSD Ver. 2.0.2 are available now ... itemid=160
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    taking apart Toshiba ROM into CPs

    someone knows/aware of a way (a software) to take apart a Toshiba ROM int CPs ? or do i have to do it myself (manually or write my own program). TIA
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    need LDR for WD5000BMVV-11A1CS0

    Mariner 0011003U TIA