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    WDC WD20EZAZ-00L9GB0-04.A8H.1-WD-WX71A398X3HV-0003004R

    WDC WD20EZAZ-00L9GB0-04.A8H.1-WD-WX71A398X3HV-0003004R
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    Cant unlock ata password at seagate constellation

    any good to fix this issue..? please..
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    HELP...!!! i need firmware backup loader for WD 20EZAZ-00L9GB0

    hello dear, if anyone have this loader please help to share it WD 20EZAZ-00L9GB0
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    Seagate interupted acces EB01 without backup it is possible

    if anyone have solution for this issue please message me...will gift reward 50usd backup system 28,35 not original necause have been regent translator before backup thanks
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    Wdc Palmer interupted acces ...

    I ahve case wdc palmer which copy dta just 1kb/s I have already use pcb unlock...but module list still cant see and when get data from pba like not real... Any one have solution here..please share..
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    Seagate interupted acces EB01 without backup it is possible fix ?

    I have a problem with seagate LM EB01 interrupted acces, and have done various procedure translator recovery and has not succeeded whether it affects sys backup is not original because it has been regent translator, if any body have solution please share best regards, hddx
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    Need rom & LDR Wd40purx

    hello freind ineed Rom and all backup for WD40PURX-64NZ6YO PCB NUM 8000555-001 Please if anyone have it thanks
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    MRT, toshiba g-list error fix...?

    hello freind, in this case i use mrt for thoshiba MQ error glist but i cant succes with read and write track any freind kindly please help how to fix this error...
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    seagate whyatt head bad

    hello guys, i have case for seagate whyatt 500gb , i get platter 0 scracth, then i cut head 0, but still cant deteck capasity is 0 hdd can go to T level, when i check /7x i got led cc error message are this still head problem...? if i cut head 1 too are this can possible deteck ?
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    Is there any solution for the data that has been overwritten

    hello Everyone, Is there any solution for the data that has been overwritten what software or hard ware can do this to get data back i try diskgetor any one success with this...? thank you
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    SSD after win8 Error data lost

    My case on SSD M2 is after Win8 Error then restore the windows but after that the data becomes lost all, is it possible to get the data back?
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    WDC Palmer Format CMD possible to get Data back...?

    hdd model : WD10SPZX/ PCB NUM : 8000066 I have a case of this HDD is formatted with CMD, the previous HDD there are 3 partitions C, D, E is now one partition only, when I scan hdd using MRT, or Rstudio, UFS and others remain only files in folder D that can be in recovery while Folder E can not...
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    How to wake wdc which dont have rom chip ?

    I have WDC which pcb dont have u12 chip How to wake up this pcb I dont know why when i write rom original then hdd not spin again
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    Request for diablo3s 20ezrx tom ver 1.6A pls

    If anyone have this firmware ldr please help
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    Firmware request Wd20EZRX Rom 1.6ac

    Please if anyone have have firwarr backup For WD20EZRX Rom 10006ac