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  1. abedalkareem

    platters wobbling , spyglass

    After heavy Dropped off on the concrete floor, that's what happened
  2. abedalkareem

    recovery in Mars

    just caught this video, what the hell is those guys are doing ?? refurbishing HDD's!!! hxxps://
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    Symantec encryption on Msata

    hi Yesterday got Msata SSD 512GB For recovery I tested it looks fine Got all sectors cloned no problem But no valid file system, the sectors are encrypted, Contact the client and asked him He brings his laptop and ... my attempt to repair the windows fail got the unlock pass any help...
  4. abedalkareem

    How to read ROM code from this pcb?

    I need to read rom from this pcb in order to convert it to SATA It there a way to do this without Solder a SATA interface on it?? Many thanks Sent from my ANE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  5. abedalkareem

    Moments 5400.6 Wyatt, heads topography

    Hello friends, Have dropped 2.5 Seagate drive (Moments 5400.6 Wyatt 500GB) Inspect the heads under the microscope they were bent and totally damaged So I bring 5 donors from my stock closet ones After head replacement, it appears they are not compatible returned the donors head to is...
  6. abedalkareem

    Hubble LT 500Gb 2 heads (H0,H1)

    Hi The drive comes with dead heads,replaced with good donor Cloned all data on H1 at 90MB speed with zero bad sector count The problem is with H0, it's working 15 days ago the cloning speed extremely slow around 40KB, Dismounted the heads and looked over microscope it's super clean the...
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    recently got a case WD500BPVT-75HZXT0 It comes with toasted PCB, swapped it with patient ROM the drive spin up with beebing voice not normally clicking voice and this Error comes up Debug Stop Code......................... : DEBUGSTOP CRT RAISE at first suspect, Bad-corrupt Rom, But after...
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    hello i got this drive ST1000LM024 stuck on busy register on powerON click then spin down the terminal log : ActiveFW : 00 FWVer : 0001 SATA PLL cal done DDR size detected = 16MB DDR size detected = 16MB *PAUNI_L2957*PA VID=0006 PN=0009 Rev=0002- PA_UNI Found *PAUNI_L2957*PA VID=0006...
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    Hitachi HTS547575A9

    hello all i got Hitachi HTS547575A9 which make no odd voice and it becomes RDY cant detect auto ID , when choose ID manually show the following err Model by ID............................. : <ID IS NOT READ> Techno mode key......................... : Ok Error startintg command...
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    seagate ST500LT012 thin

    hi i couldn't found any solution on internet for this case , any help will be appreciated this drive ID correctly and show right model and serial but with ()MB capacity, N5 show's smart values but you cant clear it using N1 this error come off Init SMART Fail LED:000000BC FAddr:00004C51...
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    Useful & new statistics ... s-q1-2017/
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    General Error

    got this error when trying to access some links in this forum "General Error Illegal use of $_SERVER. You must use the request class or request_var() to access input data. Found in /var/lib/sec/prepend.php on line 24. This error message was generated by deactivated_super_global. Please notify...
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    WD1600 Hell Week

    actually its not a memory its case i am living it from 20 days ago , have IDE - WD800BB (Sabre) i felt lucky cause found over 19 Donner from old local computer Stock and buy them for 50 $ , unforisnalty i couldn't calibrate that dive what ever i did , swapped over 6 of 100% compatible heads...
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    very weak H0

    hello , got this drive it was opened before got it , imaged H1 , H2 successfully with some bad sectors but have 14GB left to image from H0 and it barley read (4.6 KB speed AVR) witch will take months to complete from your experience guys what is my chances to get better if heads swapped ...
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    interesting how ACE kept the HDD heads

    it could be the donors heads ?? or just accessory for footage ??
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    does it possible for such contamination??

    the Dolphin team claims they can recover 95% of the data using air-blower and IPA (Dont know IPA stand for what ??) ... ery-tools/ the question here is it possible to have that highly successful recovery rate for that much contaminated drive ???
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    seagate ST2000DL003

    the drive spin up and Stuck on busy tried over 100 time to short the reading channel in different timing after (Spin Up ,Rst 0x40M ,(P) SATA Reset )but no Success swapped PCB same thing , i cant apply CTRL + Z any suggestion ? Boot 0x40M Spin Up[0x000246DF] Trans. Rst 0x40M MC...
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    Samsung USB to SATA PCB Compatability

    if any one can help me with its compatible SATA board will be appreciated .
  19. abedalkareem

    Clean Room Bench

    Anyone tried modify and develop the Infant human Incubator in to HDD clean Room bench if possible ?? Today I went to used market (Scrap Market) and found Infant Incubator with very Good Price 170 $ and wondered if I can develop it To HDD clean bench I need 3 Pieces at least and I think it...
  20. abedalkareem

    Just wondering

    i didn't receive any ransomware victim from while , just wondering what happened ..!!? what about you guys?