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    Possibility of recovering data from Android phone that fell into sea water?

    If you have backup file, you can choose to recover them from backup, else, you should try data recovery program to help.
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    How to Recover Data from Huawei Phone Internal Memory drive

    Using the backup is the best way, else you can also try the data recovery tool.
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    Unable to recover deleted files from android tablet

    Sometimes the deleted data does not necessarily disappear, they may still be stored in the mobile phone, so with the help of the recovery software, maybe you can get data back.
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    Recovering data from Android phone after factory reset?

    After factory reset, the Android data maybe overwritten, so the best way is make a backup before you reset your phone. If you don't make a backup, you can try the third-party tool, may be you can restore some data.
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    Recover data from factory rest Blackberry

    If you don't have a backup, you can try the third-party tool, maybe you can get some data back.