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by vaibhavs
Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:12 am
Forum: Phones, Tablets, and Other Device Data Recovery
Topic: "Forensic" check of a photo
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Re: "Forensic" check of a photo


Try JPEGSNOOP ... take a try.. it works in many cases.. but still you need a original copy..
by vaibhavs
Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:08 am
Forum: Cyber Security & Malware
Topic: Sick of Crypt-O-Virus Jobs
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Re: Sick of Crypt-O-Virus Jobs

Hi all,

Got 6 cases till.. I try for Raw recovery and given raw files to customer..
It works in 4 cases as they want few spreadsheets, some picture files only.. so they had only one task to identify file name from contain t of file,
for compound files it not work..

by vaibhavs
Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:57 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi, this is Vaibhav from India
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Hi, this is Vaibhav from India

Hello all,

My self vaibhav, from India..

Im forensic guy , trained on Encase, FTK, UFED, XRY etc..
trying my hands on PC-3000 UDMA now..
Found deep knowledge base here on this forum..


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