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Samsung USB to SATA PCB Compatability

Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:07 am

Strange case . This drive came in my hand 1 month before. Waiting for donor. Yesterday I've got some strange results.

Patient HM502JX/VPK BF41 00282A 00 usb Korea
Donor Hm500JI BF41 00294B 02 Sata China

PCB not compatible. I swapped this drives hsa to patient.

I have some PCB that I need to convert Sata.
Tried 4 or 5 PCB. 1 PCB worked
Donor PCB HM250JI. Lol 250gb

After than I've got ID. Capacity true. Backed up all modules , Rom . Tracks from 0 to 66. Not read any others. Error.

Cannot see folder structure. Cannot read beginning parts (blocks) Decided to clone disk. Cloned 40% parts ( in different locations not fully continiuously) Kinda big bloks) very fast and no bad sector. Fully good condition.. Remained parts (blocks) making long busy..
Everytime I made manual power reset and solve busy problem again and again and again. Till 40% I tried all reading settings. Same result.

I recently recognised that MRT recognised patient has 2 heads. I have swapped 4 head HSA from HM500JI. I remember it has 4 head. Checked again donor heads in MRT (patient hsa working only h3 died) says same 4 head .

I guess some ROM compatibility problem.
What is suggestions. Thanks.
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