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Recovering Data from wiped drive, it's showing RAW Files but I'm uncertain if they are relavant?

Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:28 pm

So after accidently running the "Clean" Command from within DiskPart (I know, how could I have done that accidently? it's shameful)

I've been doing everything I can to recover all the data lost from my primary 3TB, full 3TB drive with 10-12 years of concerts, events, my wedding, essentially everything that was important was all in that 1 drive because it's the drive I am more careful with than any of my storages.

After nearly 30 hours of scanning I've successfully found everything I need to recover.
It left me with 3 primary sections of potential recovery to be done. Partition 1 Recovered / Partition 2 Recovered / RAW Files also Lost

After going through every bit of the partition 1 & 2 sections I've narrowed it down to specific sections from the 2nd partition and all of partition 1. Leaving out a few things that I felt I no longer needed. But before I start this official process of recovery, I'm very unclear on weather I need any of these RAW Files.

First off, I'm running on NTFS Formats. And RAW would indicate it's data that is currently not formatted in any way? So are these all just junk files that the recovery scan picked up that I did intentionally delete over the years of arranging and junking things I didn't need? There are 6TB of RAW Files, 3000GB in my partition 1, and another 2800GB In my partition 2.

With what I've chosen I'm down to a 2700GB recovery. But simply choosing the RAW Files it adds 6000GB. So Those are just all my files that I deleted in the past right? No need to recover or worried about what might be within them?

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Recovering Data from wiped drive, it's showing RAW Files but I'm uncertain if they are relavant?

Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:58 am

I assume you stopped the "clean" process before it completed, right? If it actually finished running you shouldn't be finding anything.

RAW files are files recognized by file headers, a bit of common code always found near the beginning of common file types. If you appear to have a full folder structure, then you can just ignore the RAW results. It's not uncommon for that to add up to more than the size of the disk because there will be a lot of duplicate files, false positives, etc. in those RAW scan results.

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